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Looking ahead to 2017

I’m Raymond Dillon, a software developer from Ireland and a #WindowsInsider from the very start. I’ve recently set up Proto Software ( along with my brother Darren. Below, I share some of my goals for 2017 Looking back a little on 2016 – a lot has happened. I was working in my first software job after graduation at a local startup developing solutions around BLE advertising and indoor location awareness.…

Posted by Mubarak Adeyemo

Kidnapping can’t be the boss of us!

Hello! My name is Mubarak, a #Insiders4Good Fellow from Nigeria. I am working on a Startup that will offer a one-stop shop for indigenous personnel and assets GPS tracking in Nigeria. For more info, please visit:   Am I a bad person? Or has it become so commonplace that we have, kind of, accepted it as a reality? I am talking about kidnapping. Someone close to me got kidnapped…

Posted by Paula Aliu

The Depressing Options of a Wonderful Life – By a #Insiders4Good Fellow

Hi, I’m  Paula Aliu representing Cogno-Aid, one of the 25 Nigerian Fellows of The #Insiders4Good program. Cogno-Aid is a start-up that aims to connect People to licensed Therapist from the comfort of wherever they might be. To get more info on Cogno-Aid here is our website : Here are some thoughts I would love to share with the community. Jane’s Options: I went to visit my Mum in her…

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Introducing #Insiders4AChallege

Insider #NinjaCats

23 out of every 25 people that make new year’s resolutions break them. Have you ever wondered if there was a formula to make resolutions stick? Do you want YOUR resolutions for YOUR life to become real? Imagine yourself in a strange new place. You do not have a map, you cannot read the signs, and there is no one you can turn to for help. All you know is you…

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