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Just Start

I could buck up and start, or I could go home. It was 2004.  A procession of us headed over to the computer lab on Friday. Julio, the security guard, unlocked the padlock then heaved open the heavy door. With us were the school’s principal and five or six teachers. The room clearly hadn’t been opened for a very long time. We were in the high desert, so everything in…

Posted by Dona Sarkar

Down With The Tyranny of OR

“Why give in to the tyranny of OR?” This is our answer when people ask us the question: What is the Windows Insider Program? Is it for Windows users to install preview builds and provide feedback (which we’ve been doing since 2014) OR is it for people all over the world to do community related things like the #WINsiders4Good / #Insiders4Good activities? It’s not an OR. It’s an AND. The Insider…

Posted by Raymond Dillon

Looking ahead to 2017

I’m Raymond Dillon, a software developer from Ireland and a #WindowsInsider from the very start. I’ve recently set up Proto Software ( along with my brother Darren. Below, I share some of my goals for 2017 Looking back a little on 2016 – a lot has happened. I was working in my first software job after graduation at a local startup developing solutions around BLE advertising and indoor location awareness.…

Posted by Mubarak Adeyemo

Kidnapping can’t be the boss of us!

Hello! My name is Mubarak, a #Insiders4Good Fellow from Nigeria. I am working on a Startup that will offer a one-stop shop for indigenous personnel and assets GPS tracking in Nigeria. For more info, please visit:   Am I a bad person? Or has it become so commonplace that we have, kind of, accepted it as a reality? I am talking about kidnapping. Someone close to me got kidnapped…

Posted by Paula Aliu

The Depressing Options of a Wonderful Life – By a #Insiders4Good Fellow

Hi, I’m  Paula Aliu representing Cogno-Aid, one of the 25 Nigerian Fellows of The #Insiders4Good program. Cogno-Aid is a start-up that aims to connect People to licensed Therapist from the comfort of wherever they might be. To get more info on Cogno-Aid here is our website : Here are some thoughts I would love to share with the community. Jane’s Options: I went to visit my Mum in her…

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Introducing #Insiders4AChallege

Insider #NinjaCats

23 out of every 25 people that make new year’s resolutions break them. Have you ever wondered if there was a formula to make resolutions stick? Do you want YOUR resolutions for YOUR life to become real? Imagine yourself in a strange new place. You do not have a map, you cannot read the signs, and there is no one you can turn to for help. All you know is you…

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