Insiders! We’re coming for you in 2017!

What an amazing 2016 it’s been.  We’ve loved working with all of you side-by-side to build the best possible products. It’s truly been a been a mind-blowing, humbling and fun experience for our team this year to have engaged even deeper with you.  Some of our favorite moments have been meeting and talking to you (both remotely and in-person) about your passion and goals for your life and career. Whether it was on Feedback Hub, Twitter, at conferences, Insider gatherings, Create-A-Thons, Fellowships or coding events, actually having that human-to-human contact has been a powerful experience.

We can’t wait to do even MORE of this next year.

You know we love a good experiment on the Windows Insider team, so starting this month we’ll be kicking off another one! We are partnering with Bharath – a long time Windows fan, travel blogger, and digital nomad – who will be meeting people like you from all over the world and sharing with us a real glimpse into the people who proudly identify themselves as part of our global community of Windows Insiders.

You can follow along with Bharath here in real time.

This program will be all about YOU – hearing stories of why you’re a part of the Windows Insider community and all of the cool, creative things you’re doing with your unique and amazing talents.

We will be sharing your stories in newsletters, on social media, and in the videos we’re creating for some of our marketing campaigns – so don’t be surprised if after one of our meetups you see your face featured in our next Instagram or Twitter post!

But don’t wait for Bharath to show up in your city! We would love to hear from you as well. Use the hashtag #InsidersWW in your Instagram or Twitter adventures, so we can see and share all the amazing things you are doing using the technology that you love. Tell us:

·        Why you are a Windows Insider

·        What makes your city special

·        If we came to your city, what would be one awesome location to host a meetup? Could be your favorite café or bar, or a beach/park where you love to relax and unwind.

One of the best things about working at Microsoft is how connected we feel to each member of the 100,000 strong organization as well as our billions of global customers. Our hope is that through this project we’re able to provide a means to bring our amazing community closer; to form connections and new friends around the globe; to connect you all to like-minded dreamers who share interests and can work together to tackle any challenges that could have a huge impact on those around you.

Keep your eyes and ears open for special moments throughout the year, as we do dinners, meetups, giveaways, hackathons, and community projects in all the cities that Bharath is visiting.

Bharath’s travel schedule puts him in each of these cities for one month starting in January:

  • Mexico City > January

  • Bogota > February

  • Medellin > March

  • Lima > April

  • Cordoba > May

  • Buenos Aires > June

  • Belgrade > July

  • Valencia > August

  • Kuala Lumpur > September

  • Chiang Mai > October

  • Phnom Penh > November

  • Sydney > December

We wish you a very happy holiday period, and CAN’T WAIT to meet you all and hear about the amazing things you do in 2017!

Thank you and keep hustling <3
The Windows Insiders team

15 thoughts on “Insiders! We’re coming for you in 2017!

  1. Hello everybody, it was a fantastic year 2016 and I am loooking forward to a greater bigger 2017 with new meetups and events! #communityrocks

  2. Any plans for Pakistan? We guys are waiting for you for so long. The insider community are so passionate here and the talent they have is, we’ve been in Imagine Cup world final team for continuously 3 years. You should come to Pakistan. 🙂

  3. Please come Pakistan I love to see you here it’s my wish that we meet and dinner together plzzz Microsoft make my wish true.

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