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Building Digital Libraries in Indian Slums

Many children in Indian slum schools never see a computer. Their homes don’t have one, and their schools don’t have one. Their learning is based on memorization and they are not trained on practical technical skills. Three AMAZING high school girls – two in the United States and one in Hong Kong – are on a mission to change that. Aishwarya Suresh, Megha Sreekanth, and Naina Mishra are 16-year old…

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Sonya Saturday, Cartoonist and Windows Insider

  “I make cartoon art for adults,” Sonya Saturday says, describing her artwork in a nutshell. Love, sex, gender, and politics all find their way into her irreverently playful cartoons. Her most recent work includes an adult coloring book of Republican presidential candidates and a story anthologized in ALPHABET, a collection of LGBTQAI comics. Why use comics to talk about these subjects? Sonya points out that when heavy themes come…

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Put in the time

Books on Irfan's Desk

“It’s not going to come to you. You have to go to it.” While in a government office to pick up a some official piece of paper or other, I met Irfan, the man behind the desk.  I was in a foul mood.  In general I detest wasting time on paperwork anyway, and today had been an unusually busy day even before I’d spent an hour in line waiting my turn…

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Hi, I’m  Paula Aliu representing Cogno-Aid, one of the 25 Nigerian Fellows of The #Insiders4Good program. Cogno-Aid is a start-up that aims to connect People to licensed Therapist from the comfort of wherever they might be. To get more info on Cogno-Aid here is our website : Here are some thoughts I would love to share with the community. As humans, we tend to place our loved ones on…

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The Windows Insiders Program – A Perspective

“Shhhh, let’s not leak our hard work” – a maxim that was shared by Microsoft not very long ago during the Windows 8 era. This maxim is now resigned to the history books – as Microsoft has become more open in every possible way – open sourcing many of their development technologies but also more significantly with the creation of the Windows Insiders Program. Step forward until 2014, and enter…

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Andre Da Costa Personal Computing Hero, Microsoft MVP, & Windows Insider

It takes dedication and true passion to become a Microsoft MVP–even more so if you live in a context where technology and internet access can be scarce. Andre Da Costa, the one and only MVP in Jamaica, describes himself as a “technological late bloomer.” The day he’ll always remember: When his mother brought home his first computer, a Zenith GT workstation with MS-DOS and Lotus Word Pro, back in 2001.…

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Mauricio Uribe: Windows Insider and Coding Advocate AUTHOR: Bharath Mohan

Meet Mauricio Uribe, one of our Insiders hailing from Bogota, Colombia. We sat down with Mauricio during a Windows Insider Meet Up in February 2017: his passion for technology, his drive to help local children learn to code, and his infectious energy for life make Mauricio both a great conversationalist and an influential Windows Insider.

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Corrine Chorney: Windows Insider MVP and Security Specialist

Members of the forum security world belong to a secret club of sorts—whatever happens in the forums, stays in the forums. Corrine Chorney, a Windows Insider MVP and highly respected security professional in the community, says it’s all about trust. “We’ve established trust, and with that trust comes access,” Corrine says. “People from all walks of life help one another. And that’s what we do behind the scenes.” A supportive…

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Hi, I’m  Paula Aliu representing Cogno-Aid, one of the 25 Nigerian Fellows of The #Insiders4Good program. Cogno-Aid is a start-up that aims to connect People to licensed Therapist from the comfort of wherever they might be. To get more info on Cogno-Aid here is our website : Please don’t forget to Follow us on the following Channels for More Articles like this and Inspirational/ self help quotes: FaceBook : Twitter:…

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Windows 10: Co-Created

Hi everyone, my name is Adam. I’m 23 years old and live in New Zealand. For as long as I can remember, I have loved technology, what it could do and imagining all the wondrous things I come up with on the computer. Of course being quite young back then, that meant creating drawings in Microsoft Paint, playing 3D pinball & playing with ClipArt in Microsoft Works. It had always…